Fastest Skater

3 per team

Lowest time wins 1 point

Head to head race winner wins 1 point


West East

Crosby (VAN) Malkin (PHI)

Staal (VAN) Glazachev (NE)

Kane (CHI) Bourque (BUF)


Latendresse (WPG) Hromas (PIT)


Crosby: 13.955

Malkin: 15.255

Staal: 14.447

Glazachev: 15.122

Kane: 16.111

Bourque: 12.959


Bourque, East wins lowest time point


Latendresse: 18.515

Hromas: 15.555


Hromas, East wins head to head point


Puck Control Relay

3 per team

First team across wins 1 point

Head to Head race winner wins 1 point


West East

Briere (VAN) Datsyuk (NYE)

Koivu (WPG) Parise (NE)

Toews (STL) Horton (TOR)


Krestanovich (ALB) Tardif (TOR)


Heat 1

Briere beats Datsyuk by 3 ft


Heat 2

Koivu beats Parise by 4 ft


Heat 3

Horton beats Toews by 1 ft East wins 1 point on relay win


Head to Head

Tardif beats Krestanovich by 2 ft East wins 1 point on head-to-head win


Trick shot contest

6 players

Most creative wins based on fan text poll

Goalie is Yu Chu of Burnaby, BC


1 Nicolas Corbeil (GBO, East)

2 Patrick Kane (CHI, West)

3 Derek Krestanovich (ALB, West)

4 Ryan Whitney (MIN, West)

5 R.J. Umberger (PHI, East)

6 Alex Ovechkin (NYE, East)


1 - Corbeil tries Robbie Shremp-style lacrosse goal, doesn't work but gets point for effort

2 Ryan Kesler passes to Kane from above glass in seats, misses on 1st, sinks goal on 2nd try

3 - Krestanovich puts on Krusty the Klown mask, holds "hey hey kids" sign, misses on first 2 shots, scores on 3rd

4 - Whitney hits, Tom Poti pitches in baseball-style play. Whitney swings and misses on 1st attempt, connects on 2nd, hits puck into net and then slides into home plate (center ice)

5 - Umberger wears Joker mask and black cape, scores pop-up goal, claps like Joker and holds up "y so srus" sign

6 - Ovechkin wears cowboy hat with Canadian flag, brings other net in at blueline, uses Andrei Markov as 1 goalie and Chu as other, uses two sticks and two pucks and scores 2 goals at once with "Soulja boy" blaring over PA system.


Ovechkin wins fan vote with 56% of vote


Accuracy shooting

8 players

8 in round 1, 4 in round 2, 2 in finals

Most hits on fewest shots wins 1 point

Team that hits most targets wins 1 point



Thornton and Comrie pass to Amonte

Briere and Markov pass to Zetterberg

Bertuzzi and Poti pass to Grigorenko

Toews and Stone pass to Penner



Datsyuk and Prospal pass to Stillman

Corbeil and Kaberle pass to Vanek

Tallackson and Babchuk pass to Malkin

Shannon and Sanguinetti pass to Plekanec


Amonte: 4 hits on 6 shots

Stillman: 4 hits on 4 shots

Zetterberg: 3 hits on 8 shots

Vanek: 4 hits on 5 shots

Grigorenko: 2 hits on 8 shots

Malkin: 3 hits on 8 shots

Penner: 4 hits on 6 shots

Plekanec: 4 hits on 7 shots


Stillman: 2 hits on 8 shots

Vanek: 4 hits on 8 shots

Amonte: 4 hits on 7 shots

Penner: 4 hits on 5 shots


Amonte: 4 hits on 7 shots

Penner: 4 hits on 6 shots


Penner wins finals

West wins for most targets hit


Hardest shot

6 players

2 shots edge

Hardest shot wins 1 point

Best team average wins 1 point



Markov (CHI)

Staal (VAN)

Weber (VAN)



Babchuk (NYR)

Colaiacovo (MTL)

Staal (PIT)


Markov: 105.1, 100.7

Babchuk: 105.7, 97.9

E Staal: 94.9, 96.0

Cola: 105.8, 103.0

Weber: 94.3, 102.4

J Staal: 103.2, 101.8


Colaiacovo wins 1 point with 105.8 score

East wins 1 point for best average score


Elimination shootout

36 shooters, 6 goalies

Goal keeps you alive, Miss sends you off

Each goal is a point for your team

Best goalie gets team a point

Winner gets point for team


G = Goal

S = Save


1st Round:

Roberto Luongo (West, VAN)

Ryan Whitney (West, MIN) S

Lukas Krajicek (West, TEN) G

Jay Bouwmeester (East, GBO) S

Mikko Koivu (West, WPG) S

Derek Krestanovich (West, ALB) G

Scott Niedermayer (West, VAN) S


Kari Lehtonen (East, NE)

Duncan Keith (West, STL) S

Todd Bertuzzi (West, NO) S

Barry Tallackson (East, BUF) G

Vaclav Prospal (East, NYR) G

Konstantin Glazachev (East, NE) G

Alex Ovechkin (East, NYE) S


Martin Brodeur (West, ANA)

Nicolas Corbeil (East, GBO) S

Evgeni Malkin (East, PHI) G

Tom Poti (West, ALB) G

Mike Richards (East, NE) G

Karel Hromas (East, PIT) G

Anton Babchuk (East, NYR) G


Henrik Lundqvist (East, NYE)

Braydon Coburn (East, NE) G

Dennis Seidenberg (East, TOR) G

Joe Thornton (West, CHI) S

Pavel Datsyuk (East, NYE) G

Corey Stillman (East, GBO) S

Tomas Kaberle (East, WAS) S


Marc-Andre Fleury (West, CHI)

Danny Briere (West, VAN) S

Andrei Markov (West, CHI) S

Sidney Crosby (West, VAN) G

Paul Stastny (West, VAN) S

Eric Staal (West, VAN) S

Carlo Colaiacovo (East, MTL) G


Ryan Miller (East, GBO)

Igor Grigorenko (West, OAK) G

Tony Amonte (West, NO) G

Zach Parise (East, NE) S

Mike Comrie (West, ANA) G

Henrik Zetterberg (West, VAN) S

Thomas Vanek (East, GBO) G


2nd round:

Krajicek vs. Luongo G

Krestanovich vs. Luongo S

Tallackson vs. Lehtonen G

Prospal vs. Lehtonen S

Glazachev vs. Lehtonen G

Malkin vs. Brodeur S

Poti vs. Brodeur G

Richards vs. Brodeur G

Hromas vs. Brodeur S

Babchuk vs. Brodeur G

Coburn vs. Lundqvist S

Seidenberg vs. Lundqvist S

Datsyuk vs. Lundqvist G

Crosby vs. Fleury S

Cola vs. Fleury S

Grigorenko vs. Miller S

Amonte vs. Miller S

Comrie vs. Miller S

Vanek vs. Miller G


3rd round:

Krajicek vs. Luongo G

Tallackson vs. Lehtonen G

Glazachev vs. Lehtonen G

Poti vs. Brodeur S

Richards vs. Brodeur S

Babchuk vs. Brodeur G

Datsyuk vs. Lundqvist S

Vanek vs. Miller G


4th round:

Krajicek vs. Luongo G

Tallackson vs. Lehtonen G

Glazachev vs. Lehtonen S

Babchuk vs. Brodeur S

Vanek vs. Miller S


5th round:

Krajicek vs. Luongo G, S

Tallackson vs. Lehtonen G, G


Barry Tallackson wins 1 point for championship

Marc-Andre Fleury wins 1 point for being best goalie



East 34

West 14